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23 August 2011 @ 02:53 pm
Castielle Chapter 2  

Soundtrack: Boyce Avenue - Broken Angel [acoustic]

Without Gabriel in heaven, Castiel found it a very quiet and somewhat sad place to be. He had spent so much time with his brother, had listened to him, to all of his problems and all of his jokes, and he was the one who'd lighten up the mood for everyone when there had been sorrow. But now he was gone and with him his kind attitude that the brothers somehow needed, to be at peace with each other.

Castiel had searched for him numerous times, he'd been searching the earth for ages, but he could not find him. If his brother wanted to hide, he'd stay hidden and nobody would find him. Everybody knew that. But there was still a tiny spark of hope in Castiel that Gabriel would show.

While searching for him, Castiel had seen so many places, dark forests and hot deserts, the arctic and the jungle, but there was still no sign of his beloved brother. Though during his journey he'd come to adore the sceneries God had created, because they were calm and peaceful and there was beauty in everything. He loved the forests for the sound of the wind moving the leaves of the trees, the sandy deserts for life in places where it seemed not possible, the clear sky for the beautiful arrangement of shining stars in the night and the mesmerizing blue when it was day.
But his favorite place was a vast and empty beach that was surrounded by forest, sea and sky, where eagles were carried by the wind and a lonely bear enjoyed the cool breeze at noon. Whenever Castiel was on the verge of losing his hope to ever find Gabriel, he came here, felt the white sand brushing against his bare feet as he stood and watched the movement of the sea, listened to the sounds of the waves and smelled the salty air. It was here, in this peaceful loneliness, that his stiff shoulders were able to relax and the beauty of the place made him remember to have faith in God, and that everything was good in the end. His faith was what let him regain hope and gave him the strength to go on with his search.

Sometimes, when he wanted to talk to someone, he brought Balthazar here, and together they sat on rocks and talked about God and the world.
Balthazar, just like Gabriel, liked to interact with humans, “because they actually were fun to be with” and, unlike Gabriel, he liked getting drunk with them and listen to their honest thoughts and opinions.

“Also, the sex is fantastic,” Balthazar had once said, causing Castiel to smile a little.
“You should… maybe refrain from doing this. You know where it got Gabriel.” Castiel turned his head to look at the vast sea, observing an eagle as it was just catching a fish.
“I know, I know,” Balthazar sighed. “Will you ever stop searching for him? Maybe… You know, maybe he does not want to be found. Not even by you.”
“I have considered that. It's just… it is so different without him. Michael and especially Raphael have become so much more serious. Lucifer is almost at war with our Father and everyone is just so frustrated. It seems… cheerless without him around.”
“Now, now. I'm still here, am I not? I can be pretty funny as well! Do you know that one joke about-”
“I know, brother. I know… And I love you as much as I love him, but… You see, you're different. Which is good, of course, but…”
“It's all good, Castiel.” Balthazar rested his hand on Castiel's shoulder as his gaze as well drifted towards the horizon. “I know what you mean. I miss him, too.”

Castiel was glad to have Balthazar here by his side. His solitary journeys had made him feel more lonely than anything else. Maybe his brother was right. No, his brother WAS right. Gabriel didn’t want to be found. And as a good brother, Castiel was to respect his wish. It was time to go back to heaven, to reunite with his family, that he had abandoned for so long. If Gabriel wanted to come back, he would. And heaven would become a more cheerful place again.
It was also time to return to his God and trust the path He had chosen for him.

Meanwhile, in a small country in the south, the loving king and queen of Winchester were soon to have a baby.
Like the Holy Virgin, the queen went by the name “Mary”. Unlike her though, she was a bright woman, faithful to God and loyal to her husband. Together, she and King John ruled the kingdom and were loved by everybody in the country, and the citizens cheered at the happy news.

On the day of the public announcement, when the king and queen had already retreated into their chamber, the wise, yet blind Pamela paid them a visit to bring a small stuffed puppet with tiny wings for the unborn child.
“It will bring good upon the child and protect it from anything evil. An angel will watch over your heir apparent,” she had said to them.
The queen thanked her, took the puppet and pressed it against her womb.
“Did you hear this, my love? Angels are watching over you.”
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Singing?: Boyce Avenue - Broken Angel [acoustic]
gerita_lovegerita_love on December 15th, 2012 05:58 am (UTC)
Continue? Please!?
I really like where this fic is going, and i'd like to see it continue. Please?
*uses Sam, Cas and Dean's puppy eyes at the same time*
It'd really make me so happy!
sareru: westsareru on March 8th, 2013 02:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Continue? Please!?
the story's on hiatus atm until i have more free time and inspiration for the plot asdfghjkl
but i plan on continuing it 83
should i drop you a message when i do? xD

and thanks for reading!