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21 August 2011 @ 10:18 pm
Castielle Chapter 1  
Castiel, the Little Angel

Pairing: Destiel (Dean x Castiel)
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Humor, AU
Rating: PG-13(ish?)
Author: Sareru
Disclaimer: blabla no own ugh but y u guys so hawt unf
Notes: This is my first Destiel fic [but hopefully not the last one hrrhrr] and I guess it’s gonna be pretty OOC, but I’m gonna try my very best òó
This is my entry fic for frankwill_21’s contest c:
ps: Dean/Castiel - the Little Mermaid style

Chapter 1: Hello

From that time on Castiel had a very suspicious attitude towards humans, though he never interacted with them.

His brother Gabriel on the other hand… well, he loved to be as close as possible to anything of the flesh. And to make things worse, he loved telling Castiel about his, as he called them, “erotic adventures”.

“Oh, Father…” he said as he let himself fall onto the fluffy cloud that Castiel used to relax on.
His little brother looked up and wondered what strange story it would be this time.
“That woman was weird, I tell you. When I first talked to her, I was like ‘I may not be perfect, but I’m a god in bed’, and she immediately jumped me and was all ‘Only backdoor, I wanna stay a virgin’ and I guess I was okay with it and now she’s pregnant and when her husband asked her who fathered the child, she said something like ‘I had buttsecks with God, so I’m carrying God’s child, but I’m still a virgin. Dat so kewl, hun!’.”
Castiel understood only half of what Gabriel was trying to tell him, because he was not informed about the practices the humans used to reproduce, but judging Gabriel’s face it must not have been like any other ordinary interaction with women he had told Castiel about before.
“This woman and her husband are mad, I tell you. He totally believes this and told everybody he met and now some king wants to kill the child, because he was told that it would grow to be ‘the man who would be king’. I mean, seriously?”
Castiel chuckled at Gabriel’s so utterly confused expression, even though he did not understand that reference.
“But the best part is this,” Gabriel continued, as he sat up and looked at Castiel, the little angel still paying attention.
“I was talking to our Father about this just a moment ago,” he sighed, “and he wants me to take care of the child and make sure that it doesn’t get killed by that king. He told me to assume responsibility, because I didn’t tell them that I was NOT a god, so I should make sure that the child lives through the next 30 years at least.”
Castiel thought about this for a moment.
“So you will be a guardian to that child?” Castiel asked, straightening his back and thinking about that odd idea.
“I guess so.”
Castiel wondered why their Father had voiced this unusual idea. It had never happened before that an angel, especially an archangel, was responsible for the fate of just one human. And even if it had been Gabriel’s fault for causing trouble, he could have undone that mistake easily. Was there maybe something special about that child? But what could it be? He was just an ordinary human after all.
“Well, I guess I have to cut back on women for a little while,” Gabriel interrupted Castiel’s thoughts.
Which was also the time when Gabriel discovered his preference for sweets, and also, oddly enough, something in his mouth.

At first Gabriel was very uncomfortable with the situation, because on the one hand the little boy was able to see him, even if he didn’t want to be seen, and on the other hand the baby literally puked on everything Gabriel loved (which was women and candy – the boy had a clear reference for women though).
After a few years, when the little one named Jesus (“I mean, seriously! What kind of name is this? Why didn’t they choose a cooler one like Elvis?”) was able to walk and talk on his own, the situation wasn’t uncomfortable any more. It was actually annoying.
The little boy dragged Gabriel to wherever he wanted to go, talked to the angel even more than to his mother (for his own good though, Gabriel stated) and he held his hand any place, any time. But still, despite the high-pitched voice that followed the angel everywhere and the clinginess and the never ending flow of words, Gabriel couldn’t help but adore the little one for the fascinated face he made whenever he learned something new and the sweet smile when he gave candy to crying children on the streets (which he had secretly taken out of Gabriel’s pockets).
And at night, when Gabriel came back and met up with his brothers to tell them about the progress he had made with the boy, Castiel noticed that Gabriel’s eyes sparkled a little whenever he talked about Jesus.

“You love the boy, don’t you, Gabriel?” Castiel once asked his brother after the other angels had left other were busy otherwise.
“Yes… I think so,” his older brother answered, certainty all over him. “I kept asking myself why I was supposed to give up my duties in heaven to babysit that little brat, and I know that he is not really my son, but I love him. A lot, actually. His kind attitude towards people who are less fortunate that him… astounds me, he is still so young and practically knows nothing about the world and humanity, but his love for everything out there makes me think that he is perfect and I understand a little why our Father wanted us to love them.”
Throughout the years, Castiel seemed to sense something different than the love he had for his father between the archangel and the little boy. It was a very different kind of love, more intense, more subtle, strange to Castiel and different from any kind of love he had come to experience before.

Then, when Jesus had gone to sit to his Father’s right side, Gabriel seemed emotionless as God declared that Jesus was indeed a part of Him, a part of himself in a human vessel, with a mind of its own, and that they were now reunited again. There was no explanation on why God had done it, and nobody dared to ask.
After their get-together was over, Gabriel still stood there, unable to move. The Jesus he knew was gone. The loving man he’d helped raise and who he’d criticized and praised, got drunk with and help old people give them hope was no more, and there was no chance he would meet him in his own little heaven. Because there wasn’t one for him. He was God and God had all the heavens and the earth, and now the man Gabriel had started to love more than anything before was gone, and for the first time he started to feel grief. A human feeling that he wasn’t familiar with, because he had never lost anything that was of value for him permanently.
But the love he had treasured so much in the past years was lost. He had raised the boy for his death.

Gabriel went down to earth and never wanted to return again. And Castiel wondered if this kind of love was real love, if it caused such suffering.
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lacking in glittertawg on August 21st, 2011 10:40 pm (UTC)
I really love the story of Gabriel and Jesus, and how that became Gabriel's reason for leaving Heaven. That was really touching, and you delivered Gabriel's grief so neatly and tidily.

I really liked the image of Gabriel and Castiel lounging around on clouds, with Gabriel talking and Cas struggling to keep up with his brother. I hope that Castiel and Gabriel meet up again. So yes, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the next chapter.
sareru: pascal tonight. you.sareru on August 21st, 2011 10:43 pm (UTC)
awww~ yay!
thanks so much *Ü*

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